Building a House

Southern Moreton Bay Islands

Building a House on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands

When building a new house on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI), you need:

  • building approval a site evaluation
  • soil permeability test plumbing approval.
  • In some circumstances, you may also require concurrence agency referral for your building application or planning approval.

Site Evaluation and Soil Tests

There is no reticulated sewerage network on the SMBI and each house must have its own on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system. Site evaluation and soil permeability tests evaluate your property for on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system.

Site evaluations determine site features that may affect the design and position of the disposal system. They are conducted by qualified plumbing professionals.

Soil tests determine the soil type and the ability for treated wastewater to be disposed of on-site. The site evaluation and soil tests are used to inform the size and capacity of the disposal system, which determines the number of bedrooms that can be accommodated in the house. Soil tests are conducted by a suitably qualified soil tester.

You can find a list of approved testers under Geotechnical Engineers and/or Consultants in the Yellow Pages or through an internet search.

Building and Plumbing Approvals

All new houses on the SMBI require building and plumbing approval.

Building approval can be obtained from a private building certifier, while plumbing approval can only be obtained from the Council.

Concurrence Agency Referral – Amenity and Aesthetics

In some instances, you may also require an amenity and aesthetics referral approval. This approval is required if your proposed works include:

Removal Dwelling – single class 1a building that has been removed from another site/property, transported and reconstructed onto a property on the SMBI

Dwelling House less than 60m2 – single-detached class 1a buildings with less than 60m2 floor area (excluding garage/carport and verandahs).

Note: The amenity and aesthetics referral is not required if planning approval is required. If planning approval is required for your proposal, the amenity and aesthetics matters will be included within the planning assessment process.

Concurrence Agency Referral – Design and Siting

In some instances, you may require a design and siting referral approval. Generally, this type of approval is required if your house fails to comply with the Queensland Development Code (QDC) in relation to setbacks and site coverage. You can access the QDC from the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works website.

You can find more information on specific building referral triggers in the Council’s concurrence agency referral application form. Your building certifier should also be able to assist you in determining whether any referrals are required to the Council. Alternatively, you can contact Council’s Planning Assessment team on (07) 3829 8999.

Planning Approval

Planning approval assesses the impact of the proposed house on surrounding areas and impacts from natural hazards such as flood and storm tide. To determine whether you need planning approval to build on your land, find out what zoning and overlays affect your property. You can find out the zoning and overlays that apply to your property with:

PD Online – property enquiry tool

Red-e-map – online mapping tool.