First Steps

Before you book an appointment

We value your time and we know you want to get the most out of your appointment to discuss your dreams. Here is a list of issues you need to complete before contacting us to book your appointment, this will make your time with us productive, time and cost-effective:

Before you purchase your land:

  • Check with the local Council to see if the property has any Overlays, for example, bushfire hazard, flood and storm tide hazard which may increase the cost of building or may trigger a town planning assessment.
  • If you have purchased your land – you will need to provide a soil test or contact us and we will organise this for you.
  • Before your appointment you will need a preliminary site assessment, done on your land, we can take care of this for you for a small fee of $220.00.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, contact us to book your initial consultation.

Our fee for the initial consultation is $165.00, this is payable upfront when you book your appointment.

We cant wait to turn your dreams into reality.